Today's Specials

DG2087 480/8F

DG2087 480/8F

Frame Color: Silver Lens Color: Blue / Smoke Gradient
315.00 $
DG4096 501/8G

DG4096 501/8G

Frame Color: Black Lens Color: Gray Gradient
290.00 $

Recipe of the Month

Best seller

DG 6060 1819/14

Frame Color: Red top on light red Lens Color: Gradient brown-violet
180.00 $

DG 4107 502/13


DG 4107 502/13
Price: 180.00$


Sinuously shaped acetate model that is the perfect combo of style and comfort.
The temples are decorated with the MDG logo under resin and inside by two tiny
metal plaques engraved with “Dolce&Gabbana” and “Madonna”.
Light weight and a wealth of details for this model, unique thanks to an exclusive
range of colours.
In addition to classic black and Havana, the palette also includes the original black/
grey, purple/orange, gold/black and silver/red combos.